my bridal shower in georgia

champagne glasses at a decorated bridal shower table

Honesty policy, I’m not the biggest fan of this whole “shower” extravaganza that seems the norm for every life event these days. I enjoy going to meet family or friends of the guest of honor and getting to celebrate a big deal with them (so feel free to keep inviting me, ha!), but like… once or twice. Not six times. Our family, friends, and future wedding guests are spread out everywhere and we are in the process of planning a wedding in a state we don’t live in, so we don’t feel like we have the time or energy to bounce all over for parties just for people to bring us gifts we asked for. Does that make sense? I agreed to one family bridal shower though, hosted in our hometown by my aunt and mom, for family and nearby friends. I’m so glad I did and it makes me want to have a million more showers now!

Being from England originally, my mom and aunt immediately settled on an English high tea theme where big hats were welcome. It was raining the morning of the shower, so the backyard it was supposed to be held in was muddy and not ideal. They called a neighbor with a big covered patio, luckily a family friend who was also coming to the shower, and moved all the decorations across the street box by box. I didn’t realize how much work they did until I arrived and was blown away at how much thought they put into every detail – from copies of my favorite childhood books on the tables to the shrine of embarrassing photos from middle school, they thought of everything.

decorated bridal shower table

decorated bridal shower table

Jess Pendergrass child ballerina

Eric’s aunts from Alabama made the rainy drive in for the day, my childhood best friend put on a dress for the occasion, and my best friend from college even made the drive from Atlanta after being sworn in to law school that very morning! I did in fact get way too many wonderful, thoughtful, and perfect gifts from our sweet family and friends, and enjoyed every minute of it. Though the rain and the laughter coming from the hilariously embarrassing childhood photos of me hanging everywhere (and the bottomless mimosas), I had such a great time the whole afternoon.

friends at the bridal shower

While this will be my only shower sans-bachelorette party, it was more than I could have wished for and I left feeling utterly showered with love. Thank you ladies, especially Mom, Ant Lynn, Lyndsay-Loo, and TC!

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