my bachelorette weekend in charlotte

gold and black sparkle bachelorette details

Even though we’ve lived in Charlotte for years we’ve never really gone “clubbing” or anything crazier than a brewery here in town. Eric decided to Asheville for his bachelor trip, but every potential bachelorette destination I looked into started to look like a logistical nightmare for me. I group texted my best friends one night, “What if we did it in Charlotte and stayed at my place?” and a plan was born. I wouldn’t consider my inner circle exceptionally large, but a couple of my best girls drove up from Georgia and a my local friends were happy to suggest the best places for us to go.¬†During the day Saturday, my best friends were brave enough to book a hilarious private pole-dancing class. Even with my ballet and dance experience, none of us were secretly graceful erotic goddesses and we spent the entire class cackle-laughing at each other’s moves. It was amazing, haha!

We grabbed some snacks and headed back to my house, where the girls decorated the living room with gold balloons and banners and panties on fishing line. I took a shower before being showered with lingerie and playing stupid games while we sipped rum and champagne around my coffee table. We were getting ready to leave when my mom told me our ride would be there soon, a limo rented by my dad to be sure we would get around safely – so sweet! The handful of us climbed in and headed uptown for a night out.

bachelorette in gold and black sparkle dress

bachelorette table details

bachelorette decorations

bachelorette group limo
we all have redeye but I love these girls so much!

We were a little late for our dinner reservations and found another restaurant nearby instead where the bartenders kept sending over Three Horseman shots. The rest of the night went by so quickly. We bounced from place to place and eventually settling on Howl at the Moon for a couple hours of live music scream-singalong. I remember Jell-O shots in big plastic syringes and one of my maids of honor throwing her shoes in the garbage on our way out of the building, and hailing our limo on the street like it was a taxi when it was time to go home.

My best friend from high school and I stayed up talking about Eric and about the wedding before heading to bed ourselves. I couldn’t find Ollie in the house until I peeked into the room where my friends Bailey and Ali were sleeping, and found him snuggled up between the two of them in bed. Ollie and I both know, these girls are family and I couldn’t get married (or do anything, really) without them. Thank you ladies for everything!