weeknight dinner, morganton in june

My sister and brother-in-law were taking a trip to Asheville last week and since we don’t see each other very often, we wanted to meet up for a couple hours. Charlotte is a couple hours away from Asheville and it was a weeknight, so we had no idea where to meet. I looked at the map between our house and their B&B and found a little town off the highway, with a restaurant that served both pizza and steak, had a wine bar, and also had a good rating. Root and Vine in Morganton, NC did not disappoint!

Dinner was great and the few hours we spent together felt stolen and special. There’s a cool wall mural across from the restaurant that we took photos and selfies in front of for a few minutes. Jen gave me a pickle-shaped pool float she had bought for me and I gave her a pair of blowfish socks I had picked up for her, as sisters do. Tim and Eric talked about cigars while we said goodbye about 17 times and promised to see each other again soon.

Jen and I never lived together full time growing up, but we did have dinner every Wednesday night for several years. Keeping that old tradition alive in a way was nice, but I’d take a few hours to have dinner with her any night of the week these days.

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