family weekend, georgia in march

Our nephew on Eric’s side had a 4th birthday last Saturday, so we wanted to make it in for a quick weekend in Georgia. We tried leaving early Saturday morning last year and, after getting stuck in traffic and missing the party by three hours, we swore we wouldn’t do that again… but we did. We made sure to wake up before 6:00 this time and be out of the house before 6:45. The year’s drive was foggy but not near as slow as last year’s, so we made it to town early enough to grab Krystal for lunch. 

Kaden seemed to thoroughly enjoy his Transformers-themed party and it was nice to see a lot of family all at once. Candles were blown out and Eric’s dad had to cut the cake in the funniest way to get the characters on the slices as requested by the party goers.

After helping with clean up, we went back to our hotel for a bit and then over to watch the birthday boy play with his new presents. Some of the bigger toys required assembly, so we all sat in the floor and put them together. We were going to try and squeeze in another visit before we went to bed, but we didn’t make it and ended up falling asleep with our coats on. 

Assembling toys

As we lost an hour of sleep, we woke up late Sunday and took Ollie on a walk, swung by my aunt’s house to say hello to my cousin and her friends who were all in town on spring break, and then dropped Ollie off with family. Eric and I picked up his grandparents and drove a short drive around the mountain for lunch with the rest of his family. After dropping them back off, we loaded back up and were on the road again. 

Jess & Eric Pendergrass

I’ve said it before but the short, weekend trips are probably the hardest on our hearts. We miss being nearby to our families and never feel like there’s enough time to see everyone, but feel lucky to see them when we do. Happy birthday to Kaden!