another girl’s weekend, nashville in september

Nashville bachelorette walking

This past weekend was my girl Ali’s bachelorette weekend and I was so happy to help plan it for her in Nashville! After visiting Nashville on another bachelorette trip in March, Ali and I sat down to talk about what she would enjoy most while two of her other bridesmaids and I secretly worked out the details.

After driving the bulk of the way there when going to visit my sister for a couple days in Tennessee, I had a short two-hour drive to town on Friday where I met the two other party planning ladies at our Airbnb. Between the three of us shopping at random for months with Ali’s favorite themes in mind (rose gold, glitter, unicorns, etc.), we had a miniature party supply store’s worth of decorations to transform the house into Ali’s dream pad. We called bedrooms as the girls trickled in through the evening, and ordered pizza from a local place nearby while we all got to know each other.

The bride had always wanted to do a trolley tour around town, so we booked an early morning ride Saturday before the sun got too hot. One of the bridesmaids made Ali a scavenger hunt map for the weekend, so we worked to help her check things off as we sang, pedaled, and bar hopped around Nashville.

Nashville bachelorette scavenger hunt

Nashville bachelorette pedal tavern

After two hours of biking and scream-singing, we all were borderline starving and stopped by AMCE for lunch before heading back to the house to shower, shower the bride with gifts, and get changed for the night. With the bride in white, we all put on our cowboy boots and went to dinner before hitting the town. We let Ali lead the way as we popped in and out of bars on Broadway – eventually landing at Honky Tonk to dance the night away (this seems to keep happening to me). When the last club was closing for the night, we called our Ubers back to the house and poured ourselves into beds and couches and air mattresses.

It was a wonderful time showering one the best friends I’ve ever had with love and girl time before her wedding next month, and spending time with all her other girlfriends was perfect so close before the big day. I can’t wait to watch her marry Sam in a couple weeks!

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